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A great way to support Portus 2008 is by placing one of our banners or buttons on your website. In return, we'll be happy to participate in a link exchange with you. A variety of buttons and banners are available on the Downloads page.

After you have used the buttons and banners to link our site to your main page, what you need to do to become part of our link exchange and be listed on our Sponsors Page is to please send an email to bannerexchange@portus2008.org with the following:

  1. A .jpg or .gif image file no larger than 234 by 60 pixels that we can put up on our Sponsors page. Please note that we will reserve the right to refuse any artwork or text that we deem inappropriate, or which violates copyright, trademark, or other law.

  2. The URL of your website. The direct URL linked MAY NOT contain NC-17 content, pursuant to our Terms of Use.

  3. A contact e-mail address and name for your website.

Please submit to us your site and banner after you have put our banner and/or button on your main page or in another prominent position on your site. Sites without our button/banner in a prominent position will not be added, and we may remove your site from our link exchange program if you don't keep the banner displayed correctly on your site.