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Barnes & Noble Bookfair for Portus

On June 20th, 21st, and 22nd, Barnes & Noble will host a Bookfair benefiting Portus & HP Education Fanon. Every purchase made that day and attributed as a Portus/HPEF purchase will have a portion of the sale donated to Portus/HPEF. You may purchase anything in the store or anything available through the store to have shipped to your home.*

Do you have books, CDs, or DVDs you want to buy? Save your purchase for the above days! When you make a purchase at a participating Barnes & Noble during those days and use the Bookfair voucher or the Portus Bookfair number 310268, a portion of your sale will go back to Portus/HPEF to help us continue our literacy endeavors.

Here’s how you can help…

  1. Go to any Barnes & Noble and shop for any product you wish to buy, including books, CDs, DVDs, gift product, magazines, and café items.* When you go to the cash registers, give the cashier your Portus voucher or the Portus Bookfair number 310268, and make your purchase. You must have the voucher or Portus Bookfair number to have your purchase count towards the Portus Bookfair. Feel free to use your Barnes & Noble Membership card or Educator Discount card to save on your purchase. Don’t forget to use the voucher/Bookfair number at the Barnes & Noble Café, too! Every purchase counts!
  2. Call our designated Barnes & Noble host store at 817/472-7559 to make a purchase over the phone. To get your list of product ready for the phone order, you may go to your local Barnes & Noble and make a list of titles and ISBNs (the 10- or 13- digit book number unique to each book) or UPCs (product number unique to CDs and DVDs) you wish to purchase, OR you can browse online at BN.com for your list of titles. Then call the store, ask for the Portus phone order bookseller, and have them place your order. You may use your Barnes & Noble Membership card to save on your purchase. Give the bookseller your shipping address (which must be the same zip code as the billing address), and make your purchase over the phone using your credit card or Barnes & Noble gift card. (You must have the gift card or credit card available and have the security code and billing zip code.) Orders will be shipped directly to you. In addition, if your order is over $25, shipping is free!

For added fun in the DFW metroplex, join HPDFW on Saturday, June 21st at the Parks at Arlington Barnes & Noble for the HPDFW First Birthday Party! Details to come.

As an additional literacy benefit, make a purchase from our Wish List table at the Parks at Arlington location, and donate the book to LIFT, our designated auction charity, to help two organizations at once!

Want to help even more? Forward this information to your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone you think would make a purchase to support Portus and encourage them to make a purchase. Again, anything* available at a Barnes & Noble Bookstore is eligible for the Bookfair.

Please note that only sales made through a participating Barnes & Noble will count towards our Bookfair. Online purchases are NOT eligible for the Bookfair.

Any questions? Please contact our host Bookfair Barnes & Noble at 817-472-7559 or post on the Portus message board, and we will promptly reply. Thank you for your support.

*Gift card and Membership card, as well as magazine subscriptions and textbooks, activation purchases are not eligible for the Bookfair.

Bookfair FAQ

What is a Bookfair at Barnes & Noble?

A Bookfair at Barnes & Noble is a fundraising opportunity for schools and non-profit arts and literacy organizations. A portion of the sales rung under the organization’s Bookfair number are donated back to the organization in support of its literacy endeavors. For Portus/ HPEF, that Bookfair number is 310268.

Who can make a purchase for the Bookfair? Only people going to Portus?

Not at all! ANYONE can help Portus and HPEF make the Bookfair a success! Ask your friends, family, children’s friends, co-workers, students, neighbors, local business, anyone you can think of who might want to help. All they have to do is make a purchase in a Barnes & Noble during the Bookfair dates and give the cashier the Bookfair number of 310268 or the Bookfair voucher, and Portus/HPEF will get a portion of the sale! Please forward the information on to anyone you know. Every purchase helps, even a $2 cup of coffee.

Am I limited to only certain titles to purchase?

Unlike traditional book fairs that bring certain titles to a particular site, a Barnes & Noble Bookfair takes place inside the store. Because of this, a Barnes & Noble Bookfair is limited only to all books available in print… over 1.3 million titles! This includes titles in the store and those available to have shipped from their warehouses to your home.

Where will the Bookfair be centered?

Our host store is the Parks at Arlington Barnes & Noble at 3881 S. Cooper St # 2027, Arlington, TX 76015, phone 817-472-7559.

Do I have to go to the Arlington, Texas location?

No, you can go to ANY Barnes & Noble anywhere in the United States. You must, however, have the Bookfair number 310268 or the Bookfair voucher for it to count towards our Bookfair total. Please present the voucher or Bookfair number before your sale is rung up.

When is the Bookfair?

The Bookfair is Friday, June 20th through Sunday, June 22nd. You may make a purchase anytime during these days to benefit the Bookfair.

What items will count towards a Bookfair sale?

There are only four things that will not contribute to the Bookfair donation: gift card sales, B&N Membership sales, magazine subscriptions, and textbook sales. Everything else available in the stores or to have shipped to your home will count towards the Bookfair total. This includes adult books, children’s books, bargain books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, journals, kits, games, gift items, café gifts, and consumables purchased at Barnes & Noble Cafés.

So, I help when I buy a latte from the Starbucks attached to my Barnes & Noble?

No, it must be a Barnes & Noble Café, which serves Starbucks coffee but is not a Starbucks.

Can I make my purchase online at bn.com?

No, the purchase must be made through a store. You may go to any Barnes & Noble in person to make your purchase or make an order over the phone through our host store to have shipped directly to you.

How can I make an order over the phone?

We ask that you call our host store, the Parks at Arlington Barnes & Noble. Ask for the Portus Bookfair phone order bookseller. Give them your list of titles and ISBNs/UPCs and the quantity of each. They will need the billing and shipping addresses and contact information. They will print up your order and ring it up at the cash registers. Remind them that it is a Bookfair sale and give them the Bookfair number so that it will be attributed to our Bookfair. You must pay by credit card. Please have the card, expiration date, security code, and billing address zip code. Ship-to-home items generally take about a week to arrive. If you want your register receipt mailed to you, let them know.

Is there shipping if I have something shipped to my home?

If you purchase something and have it shipped anywhere, there is a $3.99 shipping fee for the first item and $.99 for each additional item. However, if your total is $25 or more, shipping is free when shipped directly from the B&N warehouses! (Items shipped directly from the store incur shipping charges regardless of purchase total.)

Can I use my discount card for the purchase?

If you have one, you may use your Barnes & Noble Membership card or Educator’s Discount Card on your purchases. However, Institutional discounts will not be applicable for the Bookfair.

What’s this I hear about a Wish List table? What’s that?

A Wish List table is a display of books that a particular organization asks its supporters to purchase and donate to the organization. Many schools do this to help build classroom libraries. Since Portus/ HPEF does not have a “classroom library,” we are collaborating with our Auction recipient LIFT to help build their library. They have a list of titles that they are in need of, and these are part of the Wish List table.

What is LIFT?

LIFT (Literacy Instruction for Texas) is a Dallas literacy organization dedicated to improving adult literacy in Dallas.

How can I make a purchase to benefit LIFT?

At our host store, the Parks at Arlington Barnes & Noble, there is a Wish List table of titles for LIFT. If you come to the host store, choose a book from the table. Give the cashier the Bookfair number of 310268 or the Bookfair voucher, and tell them that the book is to be donated to LIFT. They will ring it up, add a donation bookplate, and Barnes & Noble will make sure the book gets to LIFT.

What if I want to donate but can’t come to the host store?

You may call the host store on and ask for the Portus Bookfair bookseller. Tell them you would like to select a book from the Wish List table, purchase it over the phone using your credit card, and they will include it in the donations for LIFT. You may purchase LIFT books for donation over the phone even if you purchase other items for yourself at another location.

Will there be any in-store events happening?

HPDFW, the local Harry Potter meet-up group, will be celebrating its first birthday this month and has decided to celebrate with Portus! Join them at the host store on Saturday for the celebration, crafts, and information on Portus and the HPDFW group. Check back here for more details about the HPDFW event and any other events that might take place.

Who will get the donated funds?

All Portus/ HPEF donated funds will go to HPEF to continue its literacy endeavors.

I have more questions. What can I do?

Call our host store at 817-472-7559, or post a message on the Portus message boards. We will get back to you promptly.