On behalf of the Portus staff, I would like to say a collective SQUEE! We’ve been counting down the days since November 2006 for July 10, 2008, to arrive, and now Portus is almost here!

That being said, it has been a great pleasure to bring you the Portal every month and keep you up to date with the latest Portus happenings. I thank all of you for supporting Portus and HPEF. We can’t wait to see you all there!

In this edition of the Portal, there are a few important reminders to help make your experience at Portus the best yet so please be sure to check it out.

In attending Portus, please be aware that you are in areas where video and audio recording and photography will occur. If you do not wish to be recorded in any manner, please make it known to those recording.

Again, thank you all for your support. We are all so excited to meet all of you and share in the magic that is Portus.

Remember, as one door closes…                      
       …Another one opens.

Best Regards,

Aziza Aba Butain


IMPORTANT: Registration Check-In

By Christina Gonzalez

We are just days away from arrival at Portus, and we want to make sure your admission is a smooth one. A reminder: all persons under the age of 18 will need a notarized form signed by their parent or legal guardian stating that a chaperone age 21 or older will be attending with the minor. Please print the form from our website, fill out all the necessary information, have it notarized, and bring it along to Portus. We regret that you will not be able to gain admittance to the symposium without this signed and notarized form. Please note also that your chaperone needs to be registered with Portus and must accompany you when picking up your registration packet. Just about any bank or post office will have a notary, and notary services are available through the hotel Concierge.

Upon arrival at Portus, please make your way to the Registration Desk across from hotel check-in to pick up your packet, including your name badge.

You badge will need to be worn at all times for entrance into all events.

If you need to add anything to your registration once you have arrived, simply talk to one of our staff to see what is available.

For any questions regarding registration, please see our website or email us at registration@portus2008.org

Portus Premium Packages with a Hotel Room Night

If you purchased a Portus Premium Package with a hotel night, you will be receiving an email with your Hilton Anatole confirmation number. You may check in at the Anatole before picking up your Portus Registration. If you are staying additional nights, please inform the Anatole staff when you check in, and they will attempt to link your reservations.

You may be asked for a credit card to cover any incidentals you incur during your stay, including Internet charges, spa services, and room service. If you have any questions regarding your hotel stay, please email info@portus2008.org before July 7th, or visit the Information Desk during Portus.

We Want You on Team Portus!

By Lindsay Craddock

The Top Ten Reasons to join us as a volunteer for Portus!

10. Access to the volunteers-only room and all the wonders within!

9. You'll have an experience you can cherish forever.

8. You will help make Portus a great event for everyone.

7. You will meet great new people!

6. You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at the action.

5. Portus couldn't exist without its volunteers.

4. You'll get that 'feel good' feeling when you help out!

3. You can get free ice cream at the Volunteer Ice Cream Social.

2. Event planning looks terrific on a resume!

And the number one reason to volunteer at Portus this summer...

1. You'll make friends that will last a lifetime!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who have already been working so hard on Portus. All of you hard work is what is going to make Portus the magical event for which we have all been waiting.

I can’t wait to see you all there!

Learn more about volunteering at Portus »

Too much programming, Too Little Time!

Too many programming sessions to choose from? Or maybe you’ve found that all the time-turners are checked out from the Ministry. Content Management Corporation can offer you the next best thing: an audio recording of all the Formal Programming you missed or the sessions you just can't wait to hear again. During Portus, you can visit CMC at booth #10 in the Vendor Room to purchase a full set of audio recordings for a mere $99. Individual sessions are also available for as little as $10. Visit early, as the price rises to $150 for the complete set as soon as Portus closes its doors.

Harry and the Potters at the Granada Theater on July 9th

Are you arriving early to Portus? Are you a Harry and the Potters fan?

On Wednesday July 9th, Harry and the Potters will be playing at the Granada Theater in Dallas, Texas. Cover charge is $12.00, and the show is 12 years old and up.

For more information and to buy tickets, visit the Granada’s website.

Programming Updates

Our Formal Programming schedule has been released. To check out the amazing academic programming that will be the heart and soul of Portus, visit our programming page here. To help you plan which presentations you want to attend, check out our printable Friday and Saturday timetable schedules.


Dallas welcomes the North American Federation 140th Merlin's Cup to its first matches deep in the heart of the Lone Star State! Whether you are a part of the Indoor Quidditch Division or choose to cool off with the Water Quidditch Division, we know you’ll enjoy exercising your body in sport as much as Formal Programming will stretch your mind.

For details on how to be a part of either the Indoor or Water divisions, please come to the Registration Desk.

Before taking the Pitch, every player must sign a liability waiver, which is available at the Registration Desk. Players under 18 years of age at the time of the event must have a notarized Quidditch Liability Waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian; chaperones may not sign the Liability Waiver. Notary services are available through the hotel Concierge.

Attendees interested in officiating at any of the Quidditch events should contact the Volunteer Coordinator to sign-up.

The Common Room schedule is finally here!

The Common Room Main Room will be open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Your program will list the Common Room open hours. Below is the just-released schedule of special happenings in the Common Room.

Wizard Rock Unplugged Sessions

(located in the Wrock Room to the Left of Main Room)

Thursday 2-4pm

2:00 Open Sonorous
2:30 Fred Lives
3:00 House of Black

Friday 7-11pm

7:00 The Moaning Myrtles
8:00 Ministry of Magic
9:00 Open Sonorous
10:00 Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls

Saturday 5-7pm

5:00 Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls
5:30 Blibbering Humdingers
6:00 The Owl Post

Sunday 12-2pm

12:00 Catchlove
1:00 Mudbloods

Fine Arts

(located in room to the Right of Main Room)


12-2 pm Fan Fic Readings
3-7pm Smashing Times
10-11pm Adult Fic Readings


11:30am-1pm Cosplay Events
3-5pm Mugglecast Meetup

*Please note that this schedule is subject to change.
Check with the Meet & Greet desk for the latest updates

Special Food Needs!

By Debbie McLain

Hello from your Food & Beverage Queen!

I know many of you have special dietary needs. We've tried to accommodate these needs by having a variety of foods at our two Feasts, such as serving vegetarian refried beans instead of traditional.

For our Keynote Luncheons, I have emailed everyone who requested special meals. If you have not received email confirmation for the Luncheon you purchased, please contact me with which Luncheon you will be attending and if you want the vegetarian option. Attention Cayley – your email is bouncing, so please email me your current address!

If you have needs or allergies beyond our offerings, please let me know by Sunday, July 6th. We will do what we can.

You can email me at foodandbeverage@portus2008.org.

Thanks, and see you at Portus!!

Drink Contest Winners

By Debbie McLain

Portus has a fabulous line-up of specialty drinks that will be sold at the Welcoming Feast, the Mystery Masquerade Ball, and the Post-Portus Wizard Rock Dance Party!

And the winning drinks are:

Portus Punch*
Malibu, Midori, Pineapple Juice, and Sprite

Bubotuber Juice
Midori, Orange Juice, Citrus Vodka, Sweet & Sour

Cream Soda, Butterscotch Schnapps, Whipped Cream

Demented Texas Kiss
Mandarin Vodka, Vanilla Vodka, Pineapple Juice

The Patronus
Patron, Blue Pucker, Blue Curacao, Sprite

The Ravenclaw
Red Bull and Vodka

Sevvie's "Love Potion #9"
Chocolate Liqueur, Creme de Cacao, Vanilla Vodka, Irish Crème

*Portus Punch is only available during the Mystery Ball

I raise my glass to the winners: Angulique, Heather, Rachel, and Stephanie!!
Congratulations to all!

Volunteer Spotlight: Mazel Jones

By Christina Gonzalez

Portus is thrilled to present Mazel Jones in this month's volunteer spotlight. Mazel serves as the Assistant Chair of Registration and has been doing the work of ten volunteers since the fall. If you have emailed Registration, more than likely, you have interacted with her.

Mazel became entranced with the Harry Potter books when she saw the first movie. Shortly thereafter while in college, she was introduced to the books when Sorcerer’s Stone was used as a teaching tool at her church. Mazel became a volunteer with Portus because she likes event planning and believes that one should get involved in something that one cares about. Portus is forever grateful that Mazel cares so much about Harry Potter and the friends she has made through the books.

When she is not working on Portus, she serves as a manager in the Health Care Services Division of a Washington DC-based company. She also likes to read, crochet, sing, and watch movies when not absorbed with all her other obligations.

Thank you, Mazel, for all your hard work and dedication.

One Last Note from The Minister of Magic

It's hard to believe that Portus will begin in just a few short days! Nearly two years of planning and hard work have gone into making this symposium the best that it can be. I'd like to thank each and every one of the creative minds behind the event for giving so much of themselves. Each event that you attend during Portus represents a little piece of us, and on behalf of the Portus staff, I would like to express how thrilled we are that you have chosen to spend your weekend with us in Dallas.

Magically yours,

Bekki Olivieri


If you have questions or comments concerning the Portus programming, please contact us at info@portus2008.org.

If you have any questions or comments about The Portal or the Portus Previews, please feel free to contact us at portal@portus2008.org.